my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

young prince

Hi there everyone XD
i'm finally back!!
still having a slight fever and flu but tat wont let me down XD
sorry for the mia status *just needed some time to unwind and relax*


i am neutral about this piece honestly.... i seems tat i'm not improving. *twitch*


well anyways, this is Hideaki. all i can say is he *<---yes He XD* really should be in school. btw...did i mention...that he is a prince? XD me and my random imagination.


well, hope i didn't disappoint anyone ^^"""
any comments or suggestion is greatly welcomed XD


a z i e said...

waa nice artwork.*envious* all de guy u draw are cute cute wan.gimmme!!! >.< if i draw a guy always end up look like a girl T__T huu

YuMe said...

Lol isnt tat what we are going for? a guy that look like a girl? XP

anyways thank you Azie.but i still have a Long LONG way to go T_____T


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