my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Illustration + Dateline + Stress + booze = ROFLMAO

this is what happens to every Graphic Design student, but very few are willing to record themselves.... so watch as one Graphic Design student bring u into the elusive world of stress and dateline *plus Mr Petrus* <----owh u know this is gonna be good.

for you guys who dont have a single clue on the situation... Mr Petrus is our
Illustration lecturer who just happen to love giving us tonnes and tonnes of homework.
A very wise and respectable guy who WILL make u wanna gauge ur own ears, eyes and
brains out when he is giving assignmentS brief XO. The dude in the vid is one of the famous
"lost commandos", Chris.
lol he is my classmate. XD the guy next to him is Ivan, my junior altho he is older than me XD.
well, obviously they were in the process of doing Mr Petrus's 30 pieces of A3 size full detailed sketches (<------still having nightmares bout it) when apparently Chris's Brain cracked and well,
enjoy the show!!



a z i e said...

hahaha de video are damn funny...although i dont really get wat he say...=__=

YuMe said...

lol Stress talk gurl...they're all gibberish XD

you are not suppose to understand XD


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