my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Chung Hua no 1 Cosplay event *Naruto's Debut* HAHAHAK

Credits to Haru for making this video XD *hug*

i was the Naruto lol.
i absolutely LOVE this character! Being Naruto gave me so much freedom to
get wacky and go insane.
check out Zoro, Chouji, Zeraato (shinsengumi) and the rest of us
*sorry guys XP jari jemari ku letih hahak*
and how we rock at limbo!!!

let's get this party started!!!!

*credits to Eichi for the photos*

a new use for Deathnote

i sense jealousness XD

So? do i look like Naruto?


till then,
This is Naruto, signing off~~~
ja na~



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