my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3


finally~~ the day has come! time to cosplay!!!

woke up at 5.30...dress up, did hair, and eat breakfast~~ XD
and waited for Panda to pick me up.....i couldn't stand to not laugh when i saw a Shinsengumi driving.... XD ahahahahahahahahahaha~~~

so anyways i'm too excited to post the pics so here goes~~

cosplayers that day~~

me as Rukia~~
Kuro as Yuna...dam! best DIY costume ever!!! Lance said her staff look like an upside down bank pertanian logo....but still!!! it rocks man!
Cloud and vincent~~ they're popular~~ XD
Itachi and Narutto laughin together???? o_O"""

Panda as a random Shinsengumi....
Eichi as a random Harajuku gal...
Tifa's betrayal!!! poor Cloud...
Vincent and Cloud decides to go GAY!!! T T no~~~~

at the end of the day we all decided to go to Tun Juggah to have lunch... XD
its been a hectic day...but oh boy! i didn't regret any of it~~~ XD XD
next day keluar paper you~~~~ XD



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