my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

behind the set~~~

so anyways today was the special introduction movie of Limkokwing kuching Campus Akiyame style!!! haha it was so much fun.. we start by takin some pics and finally we have our own ID pictures~~~ yay!
we were lucky today cause it seems that Dr. Daniella was there too~~ *she the head of the Design education department in Cyberjaya*
and somehow Petrus found his way in our group photo too o.O"""

ooowh~~ how cute!
~~ the gal with the cap is Angel, she our host!! she's so sweet~~~ XD *ignore me in the background*

so anyways Zeraato Panda gave a brilliant idea, we all have our own ID pic.... cool huh?
so the first is of course.....


then Eichi~~~ cool pose Eichi!!!

then Remy who's cosplayin Ichigo~~

never forget L~~~ XD

Sunako chan~~~~ she's hiding~~ XP

the all time favorite, Cloud~~~ =3=

its Ringgo chan~~~ XD

The dead gal~~~ *no idea why* =_="""
Vincent with a 'mengancam pose'

The extremely cute Tifa~~~

and finally Rukia~~~ XP

we weren't able to take all of our cosplayer's ID pic today so i guess we'll have to do them next time~~ darn, i can't wait to see theirs~~ XD

anyways after that we went on with the Filming and trust me its funny as hell~~ *to me at least*
once we've edited the whole darn thing i'll post it~~ NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~ cant wait~~~

so for now, you'll just have to settle with this~~~ XD

in The end we all had fun~~~ hopefully we can do this again~~


Ai-Ra said...

but for sure gambar kau la yg paling kiut kenak edit! haha..good for u!

YuMe said...

haha thx Ai-ra

*sengaja da jak rupa- edit dirikpun jak, nak lain sik*

*ebil laugh*

^__^V said...

gmba kta x...huh (>__<)hehe


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