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last Friday i Balik kampung~~ yay~~ it was fun! Fun! FUN!!!
i've met so many of my frends again~~and it seems that all of them has changed dramatically~~ o.O""" new hairstyles, new clothes, new house even! a complete makeover~~ and some are already married!!! MY GOD~~~

*runs in circles*

ehem~~ anyways these are some of the pics i took on the way balik kampung~~ XD XD XD

we started at 9 am~~ beautiful ain't it~~~~? hehehe

so, let me fast forward a bit~~~ to Pagi Raya~~~ yay~~ *still exicted*

as usual, in the morning every muslim (especially boys) will go for prayer. *lucky cause the mosque is just next door so dun need to walk very far~~ XD*

i didn't go tho~~ i was busy helpin my mum in the kitchen and cleanin out the house~~ *more like annoying her*hehe

i had to clean this... but~~ wat is there to clean? o.O"" look pretty clean to me~~~ so i went to the kitchen instead to irritate my mum more~~ *muahahahahaa~~~*

she was busy with the lemang and i was clearly busy snapping around *flash flash flash*

dad waitin patiently for his lemang breakfast~~~

my-ever-so-cheeky cousin Abang Pejai then came to visit *look at his face~~ he's after my mum's mee goreng~ i just know it XP*~~~ (thats just his nickname btw XD)
p/s; is it me but he looks kinda lika Zahid from Akedemi Fantasia...only fairer~~~ o.O""

my mum's sis...but i call her nek Ham tho~~ XD her personality is so cute~~ i like to kacau her~~ *evil laugh*

so this one of my fren~~ *sob sob he's all grown up* his name is Mahadi~~ he used to be the Kampung ultimate Hunk~~ and he used to poke me~~ ALOT~~ and YES- i got the fear from him~~ *twitch* but now he's a Daddy~~ look at his Son! SO KAWAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII~~ we call him Mawi~~ XD and the lucky mum is frendly too~~ XD one day i'll gang up with her to Bully Balik Mahadi *evil grin nyehehehehehehek*

as for my other frens they've requested that i keep their identities hidden~~ *sweat* they said they dun wan their boyfriends to see them on the internet~~~ *sweat sweat sweat* so i pun malas cerita panjang just agree lo.... *mcm 999 saja*

owh, the next day i decided to leave my camera in my room and head out for some Raya fun with my frens~~ *malas bawa sebenarnya~~ heheh* so no pic i guess muahahahha~~~ XD
we ambushed every house there is! so much even until i was practically bloated with cakes and drinks of all kind~~ yummy~~ XP

thats all from me now~~ need to sleep early for 2morrow~~ ja na minasan~~ oyatsuminasai and Selamat Hari Raya~~~ XD XD XD



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