my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

look wat i found!!!!

an old picture of myself...
this picture was taken when i was in Sri Aman...didn't expect to find it again seriously...i was the only Chinese -looking in my class back then.

i actually found it in one of my old albums in my store.
i usually hide in my store when i'm feelin really-really down. its a place i can have all to myself. nobody knows i'm there...and its quiet too. honestly, its a good place to just have a break from the world. yes, i am going through a hard time right now.

my life this past week was horrible. but today it's worse... problems and worries just hits u in the face sometimes but today was soul-shattering. hiding seems to be all that i can pathetic...

well i'm in no mood to blog honestly...

so i guess tats it for now. sorry for the depressing post.


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