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hi! the new kid has arrived~~~

i'm startin over a new blog since my last one (vox account) was really hard for me to get thru...and it seems i cant get thru at all nowadays... so i switched to blogspot! yay~~~

so it seems that there will be a Cosplay event this coming 30th...(its for charity)...i'm dam excited! this will be my first time cosplaying so i'm really nervous as well. i scared i wont fit in wif the crowd but nevertheless, i'll try my best! Gambarimasss~~~

i am goin as Rukia from Bleach so i'm doing a bit of research on her... seems that her handphone is similar to mine~~ kyaaa~~

and i've been doing some props to touch up my whole outfit...

this the waraji that i made 2 days ago...

and i've just finished the tabi so~~~ it looks like this..

YAY~~~~ now i'm only worried bout the far i have no idea where to get it T T

well anyways i guess thats all from me now... gonna do design studies.. chiao~~~


Ai-Ra said...

pakei gi kelas esok eh!

YuMe said...

haha sayang...takut putus..ku sik guna any glue or staple...nang tali jak~~ XD


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