my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Lompat 2, Lompat 2, Lompat 1~ and Repeat~~ XP

I wanna learn how to play the Piano!!

wait, let me rephrase that...

I wanna learn how to play these songs!!

Victor's solo.

i got goosebumps when Paramita aka Zizi played this piece. Dam she is so talented.

haha she tought Gerald and me the first few 'steps' <----well, since i remember them by counting lol LOL

haha and i was so relieved to know that i could at least produce a melody XS

and now i'm so tempted to buy an electronic keyboard XP

here are some more songs i wanna learn how to play:

Ayumi Hamasaki's 'Jewel'

Eternal Snow from Full Moon Wo Sagashite


my ultimate fav:-

once upon a december

woooh crazzzyyyy skills!!!!


haha and i got my finger bit by a ninja hamster XB



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