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Walking Blind

It's like walking alone, blind.
this is a first for me.

scared of hurt but your already in pain,
a maze which seems to have no end.

you hit a wall, get up, and foolishly hit it again.
hoping that maybe a blue bird might guide you thru all this confusion.

and sometimes you wonder how others do it with ease,
walking fast and knowing wat to do,
yet your left alone there, not knowing wat to expect, and wat to do next.

the formula is so simple,
just place one foot infront of the other,
but i fear the unknown,
i fear what i've never see before,

but i still find myself seeking it,
in this dark alley.

sometimes i am bossy,
sometimes i am lazy,
and sometimes i am just plain annoying,

i get it,
but i am a human too,
not just a daughter,
not just a student,
not just a friend,
not just a PR,
not just Yen,

but just a normal, average, teenage girl.

i'm still finding my way in life,
sometimes i need to learn how to get back on my feet alone,
and sometimes i do need a helping hand to help me get up,
i'm not that strong, but i'm not weak either,

i refuse to obey to mainstream's ideas, expectations and image,
i want to be different, i want to be special,

I want to be myself.

i do break,
myself fighting against something so new is a battle hard to end,
especially when the battle is in you.

I want to be strong,
picking up pieces of my life and my past,
sadness to joy, i cherish them all.
but sometimes you just wish someone would just step up and assist you to find your way.

lol i guess it's the sissy princess in me talking,
"owh i'm so fragile~~ when will my knight in shining armour come to rescue me~~"
owh to hell with that, life is not like that.
but yeah.. sometimes it's hard to be alone.

and this is where i refuse to follow the culture of stereotypes,
i wont make a mask just so i could fit in or use as a token to gain someone's acceptance,

i'm sincere, and that's all i offer,

take or leave it,
friendship or foe,
love or hate,
thats not my responsibility to bear.

but in the end, i am just a girl,
a normal girl,
well, maybe a bit wacky,
but that is how i see my world.

and this path is so new,
it's as if i'm walking blind,
not knowing wat is infront of me,
i've fell a few times,
and boy~~ does it hurt,
and it's scary to continue on..

especially when your walking blind,

and alone.

it's amazing how a helping hand can be a torch in this dark alley,
it's amazing how a voice can be a beckon of hope in this confusion,
it's amazing that a memory can be companion in this darkest hour,
it's amazing how the light in the end of the tunnel can be so bright but still you find yourself lost.

so here i am,
still walking, blind, in the maze we call life,
and every now and then i stumble into a new path,
something new and often scary,
for i fear the unknown,
disappointment, joy, accomplishment, frustration and hurt,

i realize it's all part of life,
and there is no escaping it,

and if there's one thing i learn from this maze,
is there is no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.

so here i am,
not knowing what is ahead of me,
with supplies of band-aids and a whisper of prayer,
i'll keep on moving foward,

alone or not,
no matter how many time i fall and scrape my knees,
new cuts and bruises,
blood, tears and laughter,
i'll accept it all...

i'll get up and continue on..
i'll keep on trying, and believing

i am not afraid to fall.
(well thats wat i tell myself at least)

how bout you?
Are you willing to move forward?

walking blind..

into a world unknown?



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