my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

fun fuN fUN FUN FUN!!!

last Saturday i went out wif Angel, Bunny, Dexter, Eric and Dominic.

Angel and Dom wanted to take more pictures of Sarawak Cultural Village,
so Dex, Bunny and i Tagged along XD
and it was fun FUN FUN!!!

Dom even managed to get me to EAT semut api!!!
*just one thats already dead XP*
dayem it was so sour!

then we found out that for only RM10 you can
wear a traditional costume of your choice,
for as long as you want,
and camwhore as much as you want XD

so i decided to turn myself into an Iban lady XD

too bad that we only had Dex's phone to take pictures since
Dom's slr camera was almost out of battery.

SO Let the camwhoring pics spamming begins muahahahahah!!!!

*mata tutup but heheh i dun mind.*
pass sik jadi model visit sarawak?


the coins-belt-thingy was surprisingly very comfortable to wear, it's a bit heavy but it gives the back great support, no wonder Iban gals have great posture XD.

Eric, me and Dex XD
*Eric looks so innocent haha*

Eric, me and Dom XD
*sopan alu jak Dom posing XP*

Eric helping me to hold the hair assesory while i sit down and act AYU LOL.

*muka AYU tek kononnya haha XP*

Ada mcm cover Album sik??


LAWL syiok sakan i tell youuuuu!!

and after that we walked around the village,
and every house we went to they offered us a sample of their tuak(rice wain)
of course i didnt drink but darn you should have seen the boys,
they were enjoying themselves alrite XD

We lepak-ed with most of the village's staffs, and even had a sugar-rush-moment where Dex, Eric and me played the Tibau hahaha.

*Darn it Eric you pushed me so high up i was practically screaming and squeaking worse than a fangirl ><""*
and after all that sugar-rushing-tuak-drinking-dayem-it-was-so-hawt-day adventure....

we went to Permai camp and we all had a BLAST fooling around on the beach XD
we then had our dinner at topspot,
and then walked around for a bit at waterfront before going back.

in the end it was super dam fun!!
my body is still sore from all teh crazyie things we did but DAMMMM IT WAS FUN!!!

did i mention it was fun? XD

yeah it was fun!!

thanks guys for inviting me!!



soooliii guys not much pictures this time XP,



Ai said...

u look different la....seriously. Good kind of different! hehehe....tang kenak jak pakei baju iban!

Yen_Yume said...

haha yakah? XD
bleh jadi model visit Sarawak lah tuk hehehe XD

makseh makseh X3


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