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Space out and Relax :)

Got a taste of what might some "boyfriends" out there have to endure everyday of their life +_+

i got a taste of...


It was just teasing and playing but seriously, it made me realize how clingy some girls can be.
u can walk around and shop together, nothing wrong with tat, and
i'm not saying tat is bad either , it's just.....

c'mon girls, give the boys a breather :)

i noticed tat mushy relationships are 'in' rite now +_+
*yes i refer to them as mushy*

girls now a days tend to talk so 'manja', being so helpless, so 'delicate' and so 'romantic' to impress the boys

=_=* gah.

it has been bugging me since forever! Even in high school. i had this classmate once who would talk so loud, and she's the type who'd normally have a curse word in every sentence she could spill out Lol. she was fun to talk to and to me, had the most interesting personality.

but in front of this guy she likes, she was a total stranger!!! she act so nice and talks so politely o.o""
she was so totally another person!!! *bimbo slang*
i know u wanna look good in front of the person u like but to tat extend?? o.O

And *some* boys!!! darn it they never fail to annoy me. do u really think calling with ur friend's handphone number, in the middle of the night, and go
"hi there... do u still remember me? You know my voice? why you so bad dun remember me?" *says with a merajuk tone*
is really HAWT??

darn it makes me wanna slam the phone to the wall.
LAME okayyyyyy!!! ><"""
people wanna sleep and you go sibuk-sibuk kacau and act so manja GARRRHHH!!!
malas wanna layan lah ok...
2morrow got class and u expect me to pujuk-pujuk you in the middle of the night??
sik rajin aku!!!! ><


and what's worse is if the girl actually layan him!!!
My friend did tat once in front of me during Raya... and GAAAAHHH i wanted to just slap her!!! *but being my best friend and all... i just released my annoyance towards a nearby twig =_=*

And what's wif the my-girlfriend-must-look-like-Jessica Alba-slash-Beyonce-super-slender-sexy-S-size-super-model standard?

no wonder girls are getting desperate =_=""

gah the world is getting strange i tell you

But heck, back to the original topic... well, today i pretty much felt like


so all the girlfriends out there....
(and boys)...

just RELAX

gah i need a nap...
my energy is totally sucked out of me ><""



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