my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

I'll never give up

got my results today and BLOODY HELL my GPA point is 4.00!!!
scored A-s and As in all four subjects.
here this image should show u how i felt when i got my result slip'

i am very happy bout it XD

i know i worked hard for it and i believe I've earned it, fair and square.
i did not regret anything, all my sleepless nights and hard work paid off.

and no one will take tat from me, and no one will push me down and make me feel bad.
I've had enough of being a failure, complaining and whining... well now I'm sick of it and I've decided to move on, and all my hard work was proven today.

i will work hard to reach my dreams.
i refuse to just let life bring me down, I WILL FIGHT BACK. i will die trying.
i will be recognized for my effort! i will make u see what i can do.
i did not come all the way here to give up. i have my whole future in front of me and i will fight for it! HELL NO I WILL NOT BACK DOWN

i fought my way here.
it was not easy. i had to endure insults and even self-doubt to get this far.
i took me years of fighting to get me this far.
nothing will come easy, and if u want it, FIGHT for it.
u don't expect money to grow on trees do you?
YOU WANT IT!? you put your back into it! sweat for it! bleed for it! cry for it!
i promise myself i will not make excuses for my failure.
and if i fail, i will take it as another step towards my success. and with god's grace and support from my family and friends i WILL reach my dreams!

this is just a rant for myself, just something to boost me for this coming sem.
i will work twice as hard this time.

I WANT MY FUTURE, I've seen it and now I'm aiming for it.
obstacles will not slow me down.




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