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Scorpion Pet ^w^

A scorpion crept into my house a few days ago.
my cat was hissing non stop and my mum and me decided to find out wat was she fussing about. turned out it was this huge scorpion. i picked it up by the tail and dropped it in a glass container. made a few decorations and BANG!!! = Scorpion villa!!

here are some of the pictures of Boxer = our pet Scorpion. my mum named it Boxer o.O"" (as in the contender Boxer, not man's boxer =_="")

here Boxer is eating a bread worm. ^w^
its a cool sight to see this thing eat. the first time we gave it food the whole family gather round just to watch it eat LOL.

Here's the bread worm.. i dunno if u can see it clearly, i used my hp camera XP.
bought it at Sunday market for 50 cent ^w^

Another shot of Boxer eating. XD

Oh, and today we had a cosplay event at The Spring. its a Charity event, for the China Earthquake victims. we went there around 3 and left.. well... just an hour ago LOL.
some of us curi tulang and jalan-jalan around. We went into MPH and we spotted a cute maskot. XD couldnt resist from taking a picture with him ^^

well thats all for today i guess.. Chiao~~


Samantha said...

man.. scorpions r cool. if u're so pissed someone? just train ur pet to respond to u, drop it off wherever ur enemy is then fetch it after 'mission accomplished' LOL kan u'd so sayang ur pet extra extra much hahaha.

YuMe said...

lol so True *evil Grin*

Samantha said...

hey hopefully we get to hangout sometime for drinks laughs.. a good friend lend me a stack of great dvds. since u have my number do look me up. let's chill before nurul leaves for UK too.


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