my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

The 5 Factor *que dramatic sound effect*

The 5 things/ppl i cant live wifout:

  1. My parents
  2. friends
  3. music
  4. art
  5. my ambition
The 5 things i hate:
  1. Racism
  2. ppl who cant divide their time between work and play
  3. flying
  4. close-minded ppl
  5. Redoing my assignments
The 5 foods you like:
  1. laksa *yumm*
  2. nasi ayam
  3. ice-cream
  4. durian
  5. roti canai kosong
The 5 subjects u hate:
  1. history
  2. Add math
  3. geography
  4. accounting
  5. chemistry
The 5 subjects u like:
  1. math
  2. english
  3. bahasa malaysia
  4. pendidikan agama islam
  5. art
The 5 things you'd change in the world:
  1. no more war
  2. no more racism
  3. more holidays
  4. more theme parks
  5. no more animal cruelty
The 5 flirt methods i hate (girl):
  1. act manja
  2. overdoing it
  3. goes into *i'm a helpless little princess* mode when he is around
  4. praising him too much
  5. clingy
The 5 flirt methods i hate (boys):
  1. calls u in the middle of the night
  2. calls u with an unknown number and goes "still remember my voice or not? you so bad dun remember me~~"
  3. demands ur picture, and givin the "so tat i can see ur face everyday or cause i miss u" reason
  4. act manja as hell
  5. merajuk worse than a 2 year old brat!
The 5 weakness u have:
  1. i'm ticklish =_=
  2. i'm short
  3. i'm bad at addresses and road names
  4. i dun have good memory
  5. i hate and scared of insects!! *yes that means towards my scorpion too*
The 5 strong points u have:
  1. i am not afraid to laugh at myself
  2. i will never betray a friend
  3. i will never go against my parents
  4. i'm loud
  5. i can do art??
The 5 ppl u admire/idolize:
  1. Johnny Depp * fangirl mode*
  2. Naruto, yes, NARUTO
  3. my parents
  4. my friends
  5. my cats *they get to sleep all day!!*
The 5 things u will never do:
  1. wear a skirt
  2. bungee jump
  3. go against my religion
  4. go against my beliefs
  5. go against my parents
The 5 things u wish u could do/be:
  1. break dancing
  2. kungfu master
  3. sing *i sing like a frog*
  4. a mermaid. u read it right,... a mermaid *hey... walking around is tiring*
  5. fly *so i dun have to go on a plane*
What is ur 5 factor??



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