my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Sapphire Breeze

this was just something i did for myself, i was bored wif my wallpaper so i decided to make one for myself. her name is Yan Li, she is my OC (original character) so i totally claim ownership!! nyahahahaha~~

she has been stuck in my brain for a year now....poor gal...
she does have a story and a personality, but that details are for another time i guess. but for now, letme just say tat she is always mistaken as a boy lol.


oh ya, and this is the freakin first time i've drawn clouds and grass *even i'm still in shock tat i've managed to finish this O.o""*

so yeah, it does suck but any comments or advice is deeply appreciated cause i do wanna improve. XD


hopefully i didn't let anyone down. XP


OKAY!!! i just realized tat it looks too bright on my computer... the color can i say it... too 'happy'


note to self: never do neon bright color scheme for wallpapers. =_=""



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