my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Pixel ID : Bloodhaunt

i decided to do one since everyone is doing it XP.

surprisingly Pixel Art is darn tough!!! took my brain awhile to entirely grasp the fundamentals. @_@
i tired my best so hopefully it wont look tooooo bad T_______T


anyways *clears throat*

tat gal there, is the inner me, which is quite obvious >.<"", she is the crazy part of me. now, i really do take pictures like that. i tend to look ---UG*not nice*LY--- when i smile so wat the heck i'll do a goofy face. LOL.
oh, and yes i do have a rat tail like her *is tat wat u call it? lol* and my hair is highlighted tat way now.
i didnt draw my glasses cause it was so dam hard i just gave up on it.

what the tagline means..... is a story for another day XD


Farris said...

Ha! That's very cute!
Pixel art is very fun! X))

YuMe said...

XD thank you Farris XD

do yours i wanna see XD


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