my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3


Cause' every girl gotta have their bitch season. Deal with it.

Didn't do anything today... just lazed around all day.
I could have done my work,
I should have worked on my website again.
But to be honest it is really draining me out. I feel stupid everytime I don't understand what the tutorials or what the book said. After i figured something out, I feel proud and happy.... then a few hours later i would surf and see a GOOD website, I feel bloody stupid again.

It's kinda like how you get excited to see a cute waiter coming with your food, but in the end just passing you by because it just happen that some manusia behind you ordered the same food as you did. Leaving you to grin at a blank space while your pride is desperately swimming to find a good cover up before it drowns in a sea of totally self-humiliation of being called tak malu or tak sedar diri.

Or trying so hard to hold in your fart during the big "family dinner" and just when you felt like yes! you did it... you 'lay' a huge one you'd swear you're person who created the tornado that picked up the house and killed the evil witch in the wizard of Oz.

I dunno, It could be because my Ego is high. I just hate to feel like I have an anorexic brain. I just wanna be good in what I do.

Sometimes a lecturer can really kill your day, or even your week. Not everyone shares the same style as you and Just because you've thought them longer, and share the same ah beng humor doesn't give you the right to completely ignore the rest of us.

Be responsible, if you change the dateline so it is YOUR responsibility to inform the whole class. Instead you ignored people like me, who is struggling to meet to your demands. I ended up looking so stupid that morning.
So hell no i will not show you my progress, are you kidding me? Look at me. Do I look like i have the mood after all that just to hear you say "owh you can do better, do some touch ups."?.

I'd rather spend the rest of my day trying to melt a block of butter with my armpit heat.

So no way, as far as i know the dateline was on that day, I was on time and I worked my ass off doing it. So no thank you, I'll leave it just like that. And this has happen many times. Change of the class time, datelines, to presentations.

That is exactly why people call you bias in the first place. Surely we who are younger are more naive, but that is more reason for you to guide us. Please think. Frankly, I'm still pissed to this day and I'm disappointed in you.

Owh and bad mouthing your boss in class is NOT COOL.


Period in one week's time. FANTASTIC.


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