my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3


*i feel like this cat right now*

I HATE writing essays,

and when i say hate, i mean



wanna commit mass murder

 stick a pencil up someone's eye

beat the living daylights out of something

give someone one painful wedgie

smash oreo biscuits while it's still in the packet, in the supermarket

shout out "Bambi mom's dead HAHAHAHA" at the movies and watch the kids cry

stomp on rubbish just to make more rubbish 

type really fast and dun care bout typo mistakes 

break a steel ruler in two and then break it again

throw stuffs around, while screaming 
*except for my mum's stuff cause i'd be dead if i did*

scream at the assignment brief till my lungs burst

pull my hair out

bite something, anything gah

pluck someone's nose hair out

burn a certain* school down >D
*yesh this will make me very wery happie*

take plates and just smash them around on rocks

tear an old T-shirt apart


but i always end up sleeping to vent  my anger =.=

i dun like violence anyways 
(even if i feel like committing them sometime)

*scratch head*

meh gonna shower now and start on the essay.



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