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Normally, he hates being the shortest boy,
in the tenth grade,
shorter even than
most of the girls;

normally, short is a problem
to be such a shrimp
short stuff;

but tonight's not normal
tonight he's dancing with Laticia Sanders
the tallest girl
in the tenth grade;

normally, Laticia Sanders
walks down the hall
with her notebook in front
of her chest;

normally in his eyes
would only see her crossed arms

but tonight-like we said-
is not normal;

tonight, his eyes are exactly even
with Laticia's swaying breasts
that move in front of him
while she dances;

they've hypnotized him
enchanted him
cast a spell;

tonight is not normal
tonight, short is not a problem.

-'Poems from Homeroom (a writer's place to start)' by Kathi Appelt -

hihihik XD XD

nice poem huh?
It made my day XD

Poetry Rocks!!!



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