my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Boys are colors, Girls are Oranges.

Wanna know the Diff boys and girls?

in short,

Boys are colors,

Girls are Oranges.

get it?

Boys see girls like Oranges...

they browse around,
they take their time and often only pick the shiniest, roundest and well...
the ones most with-the-perfect-Orange-like-quality.

and often, they pick MORE than one.
you know..
Just in case the rest were... "sour"

And if they find any with spots or if it's not round they'll just chuck them away.

it makes me wonder how boys know whether it's sweet or not just by looking at it?
as a matter of fact i dun think that even comes to mind when they do that.

It's just not perfect and thats why you chuck it away.


You just dont think bout it, it's just a natural response.

See imperfection, and it's not even worth your time.

think bout this tho,

What if the Oranges you chuck aside
were in fact sweeter than the ones you would usually go for?
by this i mean the shiny, round, and spotless Oranges...

in short your Perfect Orange.

you'll never know would you?

Not unless you try.

Boys on the other hand are like Colors.

We girls see you guys out there like colors.

and when i say colors i dun mean them in a racist way,

i mean variety.

there's nothing wrong in any color, there's just lots of types, lots of hues.

nothing is wrong.

lots of people have said -

"Don't worry, there's lots of better guys out there for you."

yes, there are a lot of better guys out there.
but that doesn't matter at all!

cause when we love one...

we'll only love ONE

A good friend once told me
"like is easy, thats why we can like a zillion person but only love ONE"

There is nothing wrong with Red, Yellow or Green,

I just like blue.

Red, Yellow or Green in perfect,
nothing is wrong with them.

it's just cause i like blue.

that's it.

nothing more and nothing less.

now mind you that not all girls think the same way as i do, nor do the boys.
if you wanna be safe then just dont judge.

never ever judge.
Judging in an ugly thing.
It's hideous, smelly and just downright WRONG.

lol so i do state AGAIN that this post in just a rant of what i feel and understand.
i'm not saying all Boys and Girls feels or see things the same way as what i just wrote.

for all i know, it could work both ways :)

we are all humans after all,
life's too short...

so enjoy while you can!!

and no flamming!


btw my new art XD


have a nice day everyone :)



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