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Photography <:O

I pitched my poster idea for advertising in Mr Soo Boon's and Mr Ronald's class today...
and all they can say is...

"try taking better pictures, i know your standard.. and this is not it..."

and well....

it bugged me..
Photography has always been a fear for me..

Cause i suck so bad at it. :(

it was always luck if i get a decent shot. And dont start on the photo editing ><""
so i never tried to even give any effort to do well in the subject...

but last sem really opened my eyes, that photography is a part of art, and i LOVE art.
so i was really trying hard to improve.
*Mr Kenny thank youuu~~~*

but yeah... since everyone i hang out with rite now loves photography,
(Azie, Dex, Frosty, Intel, Eichi and so, so many more)
and they seem confident to show their photos..
*for a good reason they are so bloody good at it >o<""*

so i've decided to try my luck.

These are some of my photography photos that i didn't (scared to) post up in Deviantart or submit.

so i apologize if they are noob-looking.
but i really wanna improve so comments are always welcomed
*Imma ready! bring it on ><""*

Highkey Model Photography

model : Ling Shan

Lowkey Model Photography
model : RenRosa

Model Outdoor Photoshoot
Model: Naima
Model: Samantha

Model: Miss Nurulle

In the end,
after a candybar (okay i admit it, A FEW candybars ><)
a nice, long shower....
and after writing this post...

all i felt was the determination to get better >3





Frosty said...

Eh? Your photos seems ok what, well the lighting is perfect, just need better angle, but overall It's good bah :D Even I can't do stuff like dat lol.

Yen_Yume said...

really? X3 thank you.

yeah i guess my angle needs loads of work..
had that problem since sem 2 ><""

plus i tried to balance out my weaknesses by setting a theme to each photoshoot.

it's a cheat XP shusshhhh


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