my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3


It's 5.06am XP

i bet everyone is sound asleep :)

i'm in my room, doing Advertising and Corporate Image <----HERGH!!


My tummy is feelin much better.
I just wonder what did i ate to make it so upset at me XP
*rubs tummy*

and the atmosphere is so nice now...
the silence is so calming XD

i can hear the crickets *i hope that's what they are*
and the Frogs in the nearby drain XD
*not a glamorous place but hey, they are not complaining*

i feel so at ease...

you guys should try it sometimes XD
lol maybe dont stay up till 5am like i me,

but its just nice sometimes to just sit still,
and listen :)

the sounds are amazing. I didn't know there were so many different types of sound out there.
Every Frog and cricket has it's own melody XD

*kroak kroak kroak* *creet creet creet*


These things just made me realize how much wonderfully small and simple things i take for granted.
It's time i repay back by just listening.

LOL i can even hear my parents eating sahur down there XP

and in a weird way...
it helps me too XD

funny how the weirdest thing can make me relax and be at ease.

it's like their accompanying me doing mah assignment, and givin me support X3

but it's getting really late...
i better sleep now, humans are just not meant to be nocturnal haha

i'll be listening to them again 2morrow nite XD



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