my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Annoyed (>x<)

i am super





last nite i didnt sleep at all!!
(okay, maybe my time management sucks!!)

and that makes me grumpy.

i HATE grumpy.

It's LIKE:-

- a bubblegum stuck in ur hair.

-sharpening ur pencil just to find that the lead broke and u have to sharpen it all over AGAIN.

-a splinter stuck underneath ur nail.

-an overcooked maggie mee.

-squeezing Colgate from the middle.

-a day when u forgot to bring ur handphone.

-an eyelash in ur eye.

-an itch u cant reach to scratch.

-Paris Hilton's singing.

- When youtube is lagging.

-wearing the wrong size shoes.

-Sean kingston- no explanation needed.

-When ur eating and the person next to you decide to do the HAAAAKK PUII spit.

-A veggie stuck in ur teeth.

-A veggie stuck in someone's teeth (when he/she is talking to you).

-A Zit *or two* decides to visit. (more annoying if u have something important that day like a presentation).

-Minah-minah yang 'overspray' their perfume.

-Ah Bengs blasting Ah Beng techno at 8.00am at wings coffee using their laptops.

-Ah Lians blasting JIWANG songs at 8.ooam at wings coffee using their handphones.

-when ur mum calls you to sahur and you're still stuck in fron of the lappy doing assignments, which lead you to not eat sahur and not having any sleep at all.

in short..

it's just ANNOYING.

i need to work on my time management skills.




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