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Akiyame Deviantart Account

okay ya'll,
in case some of you do not know,
i am a PR in an Anime, manga and japanese lifestyle club XD.

called the AKIYAME club WOOT!!

so firstly, i guess i should introduce ya'll bout our club ^w^

"The Akiyame are a group of enthusiastic anime freaks (otaku^^).We share our life passion towards Japanese Anime and Art, We live,breath,eat,drink,sleep ART in its purest and most innocent form.Watch us.Notice us.Love us.Envy us. We Are The AKIYAME"

in short, we are a bunch of wacky, goofy individuals who happens to be interested in the same thing LOL.
we love to cosplay and rite now we consists of more than 13++ cosplayers.

to know more bout us,
please visit our, NEW and ROCKIN' Deviantart Gallery!! XD
*mostly pictures of us cosplaying XP*

here's the link :






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