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Friend 1 : i did try to use a tampon once.
Me : tampons? eeww those things sounds painful to wear.

Friend 1 : o.o"" wat?
Me : i dunno, just sounds like sticking a pencil up ur......

Friend 1 : OWH EWWW NO LAH mana ada like that one! haiya!!
Me : mana i tau, i never use one... just sounds painful ok!!! Even looks wrong with the string and stuffs....

Friend 2 : apalah you!!! Pelik da jak imagination! It's not like ur poking urself!
Friend 1 : Yalah! but i hear if you are a virgin and if u poke too deep, you'll bleed.
Me : *close ears* EWWWWWWWWWWWW WRONG OK!!!!

Friend 2 : LOL!! wat la~~ then how u wanna get married?? Tampon pun sudah takut!!
Friend 1 : haha kesian Yen punya husband later... only hold hand kot!!!
Me : =_="" TRUE wat!!! sounds so wrong ok!! Besides how are you gonna pee?

Friend 1 and 2 : O.O!!!!!!!

Friend 2 : ...what?
Friend 1 : o.o""
Me : wat?? correct lah oh? if that thing block there how are you gonna pee??

Friend 1 : Yen... WHAT? LOL they dun put it there lah!!! they use it at the other one!
Me : huh?

Friend 2 : you know... *shaky voice*the part where the blood comes out when we have our periods....
Me : hah? not same meh?

friend 1 and 2 : ROFLMAO

Me : wat? wat? *annoyed*
Friend 1 : Yen!!! not the same lah!!! OMG how you pass ur form 5 Bio???
Friend 2 : *laughing her head off*

Me : *blush* ceh... i never listen in class... malu bah!!!! lagipun its not like i go 'investigate' when i'm bored =_=""
Friend 1 : *pats* LOLLLLLL SO CUTEEE~~~~
Friend 2 : hahahahhahahahahahahaha memang kesian her husband!!!

Me : owh you two 'Terer' lah?? so hebat lah is it?? Belum kahwin also berani talk bout these things...
Friend 2 : aih of course!!! We are a driven young women, we should know what we want from a man!!!
Friend 1 : yalah Yen, like *Friend 2*, she high lvl d!!! got schedule somemore!!! LOL

Me : gila. ><
Friend 2 : habis? takkan you just hug your husband for the rest of your life???

Friend 1 : LOL jgn jgn her first night later she just main tickle with her husband all nite long!!!

Friend 1 and 2 : ROFL

Me : =_="""
Friend 1 : LOL Yen, Yen. How your boyfriend later hoh??
Friend 2 : yalah just kissing kot. XD

Me : ewww kissing lagi teruk eh! GILA kah wanna share saliva wif another person? Wat is he didn't brush his teeth? Can taste what he ate last nite!!! EWWWWWW LAH!!
Friend 1 : OMG Yen!!! *facepalm*
Friend 2 : aduhhhhaiiii macam biak kecik nya tuk eh!!!

Me : Wat? Wat? kiss on the forehead already good enough! sweet wat!!
Friend 2 : AIH!!! Dads do that la ngeng!!!

Me : so? very caring wat? a kiss on the forehead..... *whispering*
Friend 1 : aduh you memang noob lah Yen!

Friend 2 : then how boys wanna pikat you? pat you on the head? XD LOL
Me : eh nice what!! i like it when people pat my head!! mcm got big brother >w<
Friend 1 : =_=""" aaaaaaa........

Friend 2 : AHHH!! hopeless lah you! dah la umur dah 20!!!
Friend 1 : lol Yen.... you have so much to learn...... >3

Me : GAIIII!!! That's it i'm going to the cafeteria!!!

Friend 1 and 2: ROFL



fyi, i got a B3 in my Bio in SPM....


Shekinah Jane said...

yen...i enjoyed this the most!!!..pat on the caveman...then can bring home ..muahahaha...cute cute cute..

Yen_Yume said...

lol haha it was awkward... but dam entertaining XP

well let's just say i've learn a lot a LOT that day ;P


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