my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

KAA anime fair and Fan Girls XE

This what you can expect when you cosplay a popular character:

  1. you will get glomped (a lot of times mind you)
  2. you'll be blinded by the camera flash
  3. dun even think of hiding (trust me i've tried)
  4. you'll get pinched
  5. you'll be expected to do stunts *which i totally suck at it!!! HUAH*
  6. you'll get kidnapped *insert girlish scream of terror here*
  7. you'll get attacked by Fan Girls!!!! (by wrestling moves no less)

dun believe me? The proof is right here o.O""

They look nasty but they dun hurt tat much. Well next time i cosplay Naruto i'll make sure i'll wear knee guards to protect myself from the high heels and the tiled floor =_=""

owh, and i'll use a steel collar as well as i almost died when a fan girl did a wrestling move on me +_+

but overall it was dam funneh
*except the part where my wig almost fell off as i was dragged by my feet by a Fan Boy* o.O""



here are some of the vids, sorry guys i'm just too lazy to edit them XP

RAWR now let me continue being emo!!!

*bang head on wall*


Frosty said...

Lol kesian @ the lebam, loooks like u've jadi kanak2 mangsa dera xD

Yen_Yume said...

child abuse case? XD lol

doesnt hurt tho so i dun mind XP

just looks bad T________T


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