my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

Finally an UPDATE!!!!!! (even i can't believe it)

finally an update!!!!!

just had a sudden urge to draw one of my wish come true..

which is to have a big brother...

u know.. cause...

  • sometimes you just need someone to look up to
  • someone to bully you
  • someone to argue wif
  • someone you can tease
  • someone you can share ur feelings wif
  • someone you can ask for advice on boys lol
  • someone to play wif
  • someone who would look out for you
  • someone to drag for shopping only to carry ur bags
  • someone to pull a prank on
  • someone who'd just fight wif u over the TV remote.....

oh well, some dreams will never come true so i'll just continue on bullying my cats XD..

in case some of you are wondering... the situation in my drawing is wat i always imagine how my brother would treat me..

i'd wait for him to come back from school, and when he does he'd pat me on the head, carry me on his shoulders, does his silly voice wif his stinky puppet socks tat he made himself; all while walking across the street to buy me a 40 cent ice-cream

took me around 3 hours to finish this quick drawing... lol..

i've been sick too long T T



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