my Lucky Fortune Cookie X3

I'm getting a wacom tablet!!!! *tears of joy*

Went to Tun Juggah this afternoon to scout for a wacom tablet. turns out every one of them is sold out!! T T but no worries, i've ordered one set of wacom graphire, and they'll arrive next thursday T T i'm so exicted. Finally i get to try out new techniques on photoshop *glittery eyes * XD

now please excuse me.. *jumps on bed and drool over wacom tablet*



f2s89 said...

yen-san i saw what u bought but :'( dont put at home 4own using k? give me ur wacom tablet plz.... :'(


f2s89 said...

juz give me la.... T,T like people said:"old didn't go,hw new come".so juz give me ur tablet n u go buy new de. wahaha..........XP

YuMe said...

lol i just realize got comment... T3T so sorry lol...

and the tablet is MINEEEEZZZZ~~~ no touchie hissssssssssssssssss~~

*hugs tablet*

Anonymous said...

Etto...May I ask what type is you tablet?? Is it Bamboo / Intuos??????


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